Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome to Barry's Jukebox


I'm an erstwhile blogger, jumping in to try this thing again. I'm a New York lawyer and right-wing democrat with a specific interest in economics, feminism, and politics. I see capitalism as sitting at the nexus of all of these issues, by describing a libertarian system while surreptitiously changing the intrinsic values of such a system. This blog will examine the underlying assumptions of capitalism and their implications for issues like human rights, feminism, economics, colonialism, Zionism, religion, politics, and historiography.

Also, I really like a well-constructed playlist. And "observations on life," which nobody wants to read.

I think people who talk about capitalism, from the right or from the left, tend to be assholes... but that's because, at least in the U.S., they tend to be fundamentalists of one stripe or another. This blog will be proudly moderate, with few sacred cows, and hopefully irreverent.

I'll also maintain a liberal comments policy, but I have every intention of using every tool in the toolbox to track down and humiliate trolls. Also, while I'll probably do a post on Israel for all my future readers to exhaust their need to argue over the fundamental right of Israel to exist, all arguments over fundamental rights of Israel to exist in subsequent posts will be deleted, because we're just too old for that shit, yo. Same goes for idiotic statements about women belonging in the kitchen, all industrialists being faceless oppressors, and poor people being automatically right because they're disempowered.

It goes without saying that blatant racism will be shot down. If you can't be smart about it, you'll be excluded from the conversation. That said, I like heterogeneity, so please disagree, if you can do it coherently.

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